Organization & People Transformation

Harmonize human insight with strategic vision.

Whether you’re shifting your strategy, integrating new technology, launching new products, or need a more effective way of operating, your organization and your people are embarking on a transformation journey. From design to activation, we can facilitate customized solutions to support you through every phase. We won’t just help you get it done. We’ll help you thrive in it.

Organization Assessment

Comprehensive evaluation of strategy, structure, processes, rewards, and people, identifying opportunities and challenges to guide organizational design and development.

Workforce & Talent Strategy Alignment

Evaluation of organizational capability needs and talent strategies to identify opportunities in workforce planning and talent development for delivery of company strategy.

Org & Operating Model Design

Analysis and design of an organization structure, processes, and roles to improve effectiveness, adaptability, and performance in alignment with strategic objectives.

Design Testing & Integration

Facilitated testing to evaluate a new product or service for compatibility with an existing organization, to ensure effective integration across strategy, processes, people, and other enablers.

Transformation Strategy

Comprehensive transformation strategy tailored to implement organizational change, including phase mapping, learning and engagement, stakeholder immersion, and culture building.

Transformation Leadership Coaching

Custom coaching for leaders leading organizational change, designed to develop change agility, navigate real-time challenges, minimize disruption, and lead teams to optimal productivity.