Our Service Model

LūmaGo solutions are based on research and real-world experience, but we know that each situation, organization, team, and individual is unique. Our solutions are executed through a 3-step process to help you Discover, Design, and Go.

Discover Design Go with LumaGo


Assess the current landscape or situation, your goals and objectives, and the strengths and opportunities you bring to the table.


Create the solution with clearly defined success measures, targeted changes, and deliberate actions phased for optimum impact and adoption.


Activate the solution with the support and guidance you need to ensure success.

Organization & People Transformation Consulting

Harmonize human insight with strategic vision and light the pathway to success. If your organization is launching new strategies or products, shifting operations, processes, culture, or technology, our human-centered consultation services can help you optimize your organization and people practices to deliver your strategy while enabling your teams to adapt and perform at their best. Leveraging research and hands-on experience, we tailor solutions to the unique needs of each client no matter where you are in your transformation.


Custom Strategic HR Consulting

Custom Leadership & Executive Coaching

Embark on a journey of growth and discovery with our custom leadership and executive coaching, rooted in your unique strengths and navigating the inevitable challenges of effective leadership. You’ll get help leading and navigating the complexities of constant change with Transformation Leadership Coaching or navigate your development and other unique challenges with Leadership Development Coaching. With the expertise of Dr. Rachel Ingel-Champion, you’ll illuminate your path to becoming an authentic and effective leader in even the most complex environments. Through strength-based assessments, personalized sessions, and actionable insights, you’ll be equipped to turn your challenges into stepping stones to success for yourself and your teams.

Individual Assessment & Development Planning

Team Coaching & Workshop Facilitation

A high-performance team is the pulsing heart of any successful organization, transforming shared visions into remarkable realities through alignment, collaboration, and a dynamic drive for excellence. Elevate your team to extraordinary heights with our High-Performance Team Coaching, using assessments and dynamic goal alignment to foster a ‘one team’ environment that drives peak performance. For an event that truly resonates, our Custom Group Facilitation tailors workshops and sessions to your team’s unique spirit, ensuring your offsite, strategy meeting, or retreat is transformative. Together, we’ll uncover the potential within your team, turning collaboration into your most powerful tool. Your team’s journey to exceptional performance starts here.

Custom Group Facilitation & Workshop Design

Career Transition Coaching

Career transition coaching services are a 1:1 private coaching experience with Dr. Rachel Ingel-Champion. Work with her to guide and support your journey of self-discovery, professional growth, and strategy creation. Whether you’re seeking insights into your strengths and motivations, designing a career strategy that aligns with your life goals, or looking to level up and unlock your potential, we’ve got you covered. Understand your unique abilities through assessments, create actionable plans, and get practical guidance and support to help you navigate career transitions with confidence.

Group Coaching Programs

Embark on a shared development journey with our group coaching programs, where your career strategy and professional development are nurtured in a community of fellow dreamers and doers. Picture a space where personal breakthroughs spark inspiration across the group, guided by a certified coach experienced in the nuances of personal and professional growth. Through insightful discussions and practical exercises, you’ll craft plans and strategies unique to your development and career needs. You’ll also gain a supportive network that encourages growth long after the program ends.

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Speaking Engagements

For those navigating the tides of change, Dr. Rachel Ingel-Champion is a lighthouse of expertise in leading transformation with heart and strategy. Her keynote speeches are conduits of inspiration, tailored to breathe life into topics like harnessing courage amidst change and humanizing leadership. As she shares personal journeys alongside evidence-backed insights, Rachel weaves a tapestry of relatability that envelops audiences, fostering trust and actionable motivation. Whether for corporate teams or educational cohorts, Rachel’s words act as seeds of resilience and growth. Inviting Rachel to speak is inviting a transformation—one where every listener is empowered to craft their own narrative of triumph in a changing world.

Dr. Rachel Ingel-Champion
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