Don’t just survive. Thrive.

We’re dedicated to enlightening humans and organizations to thrive in constant evolution.

We help humans and organizations thrive through challenging pivot points. In today’s world, they happen all the time.


Tensions are motivating you to evolve.

You’re preparing for the next level in your career, entering a big new role, building a bigger or more effective team, or taking on new challenges.

You’re leading and navigating transformation, activating new strategies, or evolving the way things work.

You’re scaling the business, growing in size and revenue, or launching new products.

What got you here, won't get you there.

Something is different.

Your current modus operandi isn’t yielding the results you want and you sometimes feel you’re getting in your own way.

You want to unlock new ways to maximize your effectiveness AND you want to build on the strengths and values that make you uniquely you.

humans are key

Humans are the key to sustainable success.

You recognize that change is constant and enabling humans to learn and thrive is the key to successfully navigating the future.

You believe that success takes fostering the collective strengths of your people and bringing the best out of everyone, including yourself.

You want to unlock your own potential and inspire others to do the same.

Change is in the works and you need a new perspective to succeed.

About LūmaGo

Every organization is a human system powered by individual humans.

Our mission is to help leaders and organizations unlock the human ability to not just survive but thrive in a world of constant change. We believe that by unlocking individuals, we unlock entire systems and vice versa, enabling business and the people that power them to thrive together.

We specialize in solving complex puzzles to drive both business and human performance through transformation, coaching, designing, planning, and activating transformations through the lens of social science and business. We empower organizations, individual leaders, and teams through coaching and advisory services, helping them unlock their unique strengths, agility, and performance to accomplish their goals, deliver strategy, and inspire others with ways of working fit for today and the future.

You’ll partner with us to co-create solutions that are:

  • Human-Centered: Our work is co-created with a focus on measured progress and the science of human change.
  • Simple & Focused: We provide unique solutions that simplify complex challenges, delivering immediate results while preparing for the future.
  • Designed to Deliver: Our custom solutions balance business strategy with human performance, aligning seamlessly with your company’s mission, vision, and values.

The world has experienced more change in the last 20 years than in any other time period, driving organizations to evolve more frequently and at a faster pace with no indication of slowing or stopping. This often leaves leaders and employees overwhelmed with change fatigue and burned out from the pace and volume of work needed to keep up and survive.

LūmaGo was created to help leaders and organizations illuminate and build upon their unique strengths to design strategic solutions that satisfy the survival needs of today and create more opportunities to thrive.

LūmaGo was founded by Organizational Psychologist Dr. Rachel Ingel-Champion who spent her career working with leaders to design and facilitate complex transformations, and building equitable learning and talent practices that bring out the best in people. In her work, she recognized, whether driven by technology, process, or strategy, any change is a human change. And when humans experience change, it is rarely a non-event or a one-time event. It’s a disruptive snowball evolution that requires more than just communications, training, or traditional change management. Human connection, development, and psychological impact are critical components of successful evolution. That means that ‘best practices’ won’t be best for every organization, leading change is a critical part of leading, and leaders need to authentically connect with themselves to successfully lead others. These concepts are the foundation of what we do.

Rachel’s origins also shape our values. A world traveler born in Southern California and lovingly raised by parents who immigrated from the Philippines, Rachel’s global mindset, resilience, and firsthand experience with diverse and inclusive communities is the heart of our work. The name “LūmaGo” derives from the Tagalog word “lumago,” which means “to thrive, grow, or prosper.”

The LūmaGo Story

Meet Rachel

Dr. Rachel Ingel-Champion

Dr. Rachel Ingel-Champion is a seasoned leader, coach, and consultant. With 20 years of experience in Organization & Talent Strategy, Development, and Transformation, she is known for delivering exceptional results that accelerate both human and business performance.

Rachel has an innate passion for creating spaces where humans and organizations can tap into their full potential.

As a coach, Rachel empowers leaders to craft their success by leveraging their unique strengths and authentic style to navigate situations effectively, believing that there is more than one way to be a successful leader. Rachel coaches teams to clarify and align goals and design ways of working that utilize their diverse skills and perspectives to elevate performance and deliver measurable results in complex and fast-changing environments.

As a consultant, Rachel drives performance through inclusive, future-forward solutions rooted in the science of human behavior and change. She partners with leaders and organizations to understand strategy, unique needs, challenges, and aspirations to ensure both people and organizations are equipped to thrive today and through an ever-changing future.

Rachel has worked with Fortune 500 and 1000 companies in Media & Entertainment, Sporting Goods, Retail, Consumer Products, and Mobile Telecommunications, leading the design, planning, and execution of complex organizational changes and coaching the leaders that lead them. She holds a Ph.D. in Industrial-Organizational Psychology from Alliant International University. She earned her MBA from Pepperdine University’s Graziadio Business School and her BA in Psychology and Social Behavior from the University of California Irvine.

Are you ready to thrive?

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